7 Signs You Need Emergency AC Repair | Summit Heating & AC

Emergency AC repair is a necessary service for HVAC companies like ours at Summit Heating and Cooling. However, hot summers can leave homeowners at risk when their air conditioner stops functioning. Some emergencies are more evident than others, but all require full attention.

Understanding the signs of AC malfunction can help you know when to call us for emergency air conditioning repair.

Emergency AC problems require immediate assistance from a professional HVAC contractor.

1) Vents Blowing Warm Air

If you stand by your vents and notice hot air streaming through, your AC has a significant problem. Considering the air is supposed to be conditioned before spreading through your home, hot air is a sign that it’s not properly cooling. Sometimes this problem stems from a blockage in the airflow, while other times, it derives from a bad compressor.

2) Unit Makes Strange Noises

ACs typically make noise because of their compression component. However, unusual sounds emanating from the unit are a sign you need emergency AC repair. For instance, a gurgling or screeching noise is uncommon for functioning air conditioners. Don’t hesitate to call a professional when your unit continues to make these weird sounds.

3) Unit Has Foul Odor

You may require an emergency repair if you notice a foul and unpleasant odor emanating from your air conditioner. Sometimes these smells stem from dirty ductwork, while a systemic problem may be at bay at other times. Regular maintenance helps you avoid these unseemly odors but failure to maintain your unit. This problem is more common than you think, as it produces regular air conditioner repair leads.

4) Low Air-Flow

Sometimes cold air can come through your AC unit but with low flow. As a result, your air conditioning unit may have significant problems. The good news is that it may not be a true emergency if you’re getting cold air. It depends on the temperature outside of your home and how much it impacts the interior. Still, you’ll want to get it checked out before the temperature continues to rise.

5) Busted Fan

It’s apparent when the fan is malfunctioning because of the distinct noises it will make. However, noise may be the least of your problems if the fan breaks. For example, a busted fan may overheat the AC compressor and severely damage the unit’s interior. The result may be a complete AC replacement.

6) The Breakers are Tripped

Frequent breaker resets while the air conditioner is on indicates an electrical problem. Any kind of electrical issue can impact your entire home because of the fire threat. As a result, tripped breakers are more than an AC emergency but a home emergency in general. 

7) Malfunctioning Thermostat

Suppose you feel like the room temperature is different from the thermostat reading. In that case, you might assume that thermostat itself is broken. However, the AC unit is usually at the root of the problem. Either way, you’ll want to have a professional contractor come by to evaluate the unit.

Where to Find an Emergency AC Repair Company

During the hot summers, it helps to have an emergency AC repair company on-call whenever you need them. As 2022 has seen some of the hottest temperatures in years, you should have access to a professional. The pros at Summit Heating and Cooling are ready to assist you ASAP.

Remember that one way to combat AC emergencies is to install a high-quality unit and schedule regular maintenance. In addition, it helps to have the best quality HVAC parts to avoid costly repairs and decrease the likelihood of an emergency AC repair.